The US Marines have paid tribute to Hunter Northcutt, a Grundy County High School student who died of leukemia before he could realize his dream of becoming a Marine.


The 6th Marine Corps District presented Northcutt's dad and sister, Marty and Tori with the Honorary Marine Award, embodying their values of honor, courage, and commitment. It was presented by his cousin PFC Gavin Northcutt. The ceremony was held this week at Pelham Elementary School.

During his cancer treatments, he shifted his attention from himself and displayed the fighting spirit of a Marine by helping and inspiring other patients to fight and never give up.
Hunter Northcutt passed away from acute leukemia on Sept. 18 of last year at the age of 15..

There have only been 109 honorary Marine distinctions ever awarded. This is a wonderful tribute to such a fine young man and his entire family from the United States Marine Corps.