The division among Senate Republicans over President Donald Trump's trade policies erupted this week when Tennessee Senator Bob Corker was blocked from offering a measure that would have kept the president from imposing tariffs on imports.

Corker's legislation has been blocked for the rest of the month.

Now Tennessee representative Chuck Fleischmann is expressing his opinions on the issue of tariffs.

Representative Fleischmann said today that he trusts the administration to reduce the trade deficit, but says we should be concerned about trade wars.

He also expressed some concern that Congress has given up some of its authority to the executive branch.

He wants to see the House regain some of that control.

We reached out to the other candidates running for Rep. Fleischmann’s seat and here is what they had to say on the matter:

Republican candidate Jeremy Massengale:

Article 1 section 8 of the U.S Constitution makes it very clear that only congress has the authority to ‘lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises’ and ‘to regulate commerce with foreign nations’. Congress has unlawfully ceded much of its responsibility to the executive branch over the last hundred years. Even though I support president Trump’s end goal of eliminating all tariffs with our foreign trade partners, congress must return to lawful governance and except the responsibilities given to it by the people through the constitution.”

Republican candidate Harold Shevlin:

“My views are not only should Congress be able to vote, but regarding Canada we have a surplus when you take goods and services vote no on tariffs. Whats going on at the White House should make all Americans feel uncomfortable. If we are to address any tariffs it should be done not from the seat of your pants, or using lies to make your point, I have no idea what’s happened to the republicans in the house they need to stand up and say Mr. President you are wrong when he comes out and just lies, Mr. Fleischmann spends all his time either fundraising or just going along with the group he is a true Trump supporter we don’t need that we need someone who will listen to what the people want and fight for them in wash, im a middle class businessman raised 7 wonderful kids with my incredible wife who went back to med school when she was 42 and graduated and now practices medicine here in Chattanooga I retired 4 years ago and now work with special needs young folks full time, we tried rich hoping they would look out for our interests that has backfired there are rich because the don’t like to share. I’m ready and willing to actually do the job”

Republican candidate  William Spurlock, Sr.:

“I stand beside Senator Coker on this issue. I know the president is trying to use national security as a sort of rationale for the referenced tariffs, but I believe there are limitations on the use of the use of national security to get many things “through” that go through. To answer your question directly I believe this is an issue that should be determined by vote in the congress.”