It is camp season for Hamilton County students, and the newest summer camp is in full swing at thirteen elementary schools.  Camp K is giving hundreds of children a much needed introduction to kindergarten.

Throughout the month of June, four and five-year olds are getting one-on-one attention like never before. Camp K, a partnership of Hamilton County schools and Chattanooga 2.0, is all about giving students the tools they need to read.

Officials say more than half of Hamilton County kindergarten students are not prepared for basic kindergarten skills, like spelling their names, and recognizing basic letters and words. Due to that slow start, many students find themselves playing catch-up for years, often never reaching grade level skills.

Camp K is more than letters and numbers. For many of the kids, it's their introduction to good behavior and manners in a group setting.

Perhaps the most important component of Camp K is family. Each week, parents are required to attend a meeting. The educators know their efforts at school must be supported by strong parental involvement at home.

Organizers give much of the credit to volunteers from the community, and from various schools, for making the one-on-one instruction possible.

Camp K schools include: Barger, Donaldson, Clifton Hills, East Brainerd, East Lake, Hardy, Hillcrest, Lakeside, Orchard Knob, North Hamilton, Rivermont, Soddy, and Woodmore.