A Whitfield County teen is getting ready to compete on the world stage of bull riding!

And this isn't his first time doing it either.

Channel 3 first introduced you to Hayden Lanier, 14, of Georgia, when he competed in the national junior high competition last year.

He's one of 1,000 contestants from around the world who will meet in South Dakota next weekend for the 14th annual National Junior High Finals Rodeo.

Also from northwest Georgia, Cash Goble, Hank Burgess, and Bayleigh Choate will travel to South Dakota to compete in other events after qualifying. 

The 14-year-old brings a lot of experience, and previous titles, to his division which he said gives him an advantage over his competition.

"You have some bulls that are mean, they're hot headed. They'll come after you and some are calm. They won't do anything to you and some are wranker than others, that means they buck harder and they do stuff like spin or they belly role when they twist their body," he said.

Lanier qualified for the competition after being named the Junior High Bull Riding State Champion in Georgia and the Bareback Georgia Reserve Champion.

It's not easy staying on for eight seconds, but the runs have taught the teenager to focus on the bigger picture.

"You'll always have your ups and downs but you just have to work through it and you'll get better at it," Lanier said.

Sometimes life is all about holding on and when you lose your grip, don't be afraid to get up and try again.

"If you get bucked off just get back on and keep trying harder," he added.

The competition will be held June 24-30 in Huron, South Dakota.

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We wish Hayden and all the other competitors luck!