Area veterans will get a new VA clinic, and they are learning about changes to their VA benefits.

Last week, President Trump signed "The Mission Act" into law. It's designed to help improve VA healthcare.

The director of health systems says it could take at least a year to fully implement "The Mission Act" and it should replace the current program. She says healthcare is one of the biggest concerns veterans have today.

Hundreds of veterans use the VA clinic in Chattanooga on any given day.

“I suffer from depression which is a big one for a lot of our vets,” said Phillip Worley. “I have leukemia and lymphoma.”

Phillip Worley receives 100% disability from the VA and has to be seen by his doctor every three months.

Worley has to travel 100 miles to Murfreesboro for all of those appointments because that's the closest VA hospital.

“I've worked EMS for 30 years. I know when I need to see my doctor, and I don't feel like I should have to wait three months to see him,” said Worley.

Mary Lambert volunteers at the clinic and sees the issues other veterans face when seeking medical attention.

“They are busy, and the waiting room is always crowded,” said Mary Lambert. "So, I was very interested in the timeline for when the new VA clinic for Chattanooga would happen.”

Jennifer Vedral-Baron, the Director of VA Health Systems, says it's heartbreaking to hear some of the stories from fellow veterans.

“If one veteran has an experience like that, I can't sleep. I've got to fix it,” Jennifer Vedral-Baron. “So I am physically, and mentally exhausted after this, but we are going to help them all.”

Within three years, Chattanooga will have a 75,000 square foot clinic.

“What a great addition to the veteran community; a brand new clinic and lots of additional resources,” said Vedral- Baron.

Construction on the new clinic should be complete in 2021 and is set to open in early 2022. At this time no site has been chosen for the location of the clinic.

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