This weekend is all about dad or those special men in our lives.

Dr. Brian Ingalls says, "I think it's just being a man. Sometimes we put things off to the very last minute."

Dr. Brian Ingalls is with American Family Care. He says a recent survey showed 60% of men don't go for their annual physical. That's why doctors are encouraging men to focus on their health this month and take the "Man-Up Check-Up."

Dr. Brian Ingalls says, "It is the first step for a man to get some care."

The check-up includes: blood pressure, weight, BMI, diabetes test and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Ingalls says, "Healthy diet choices are important, exercise, smoking cessation is a big one. Quit smoking if you can. It is hard to do, but there are methods out there available and then drinking in moderation if you do drink."

Dr. Ingalls says a routine check-up paired with screenings and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of chronic illness for men and they have to make their health a priority.

Dr. Ingalls says, "If you have that gut instinct that says something is not right or I need to go get that checked out, then go with your gut and get it checked out."

You won't be the only one glad you did.

AFC is offering free health screenings for the Father's Day "Man-Up Check-Up."

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