Strong storms moved through the Rossville area around 3:00 p.m. Monday.

Winds were strong enough to knock down two large trees, both nearly two feet in diameter. 

"Neighbors were already out in the yard helping cut up the trees that had fell through the corner of the residents over here," says Deputy Jeremy Reece with the Walker County Sheriff's Office. 

Reece says Walker County responded to multiple calls Monday, but nothing as severe as what he found on Chambers Street. The storm alert radar estimates winds in the Chambers Street area reached 18-22 mph. 

"That force in that small area, I guess took those older trees out, and that's what damaged this particular home," says Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson.

Lucas Murphy is a relative. He returned on Tuesday to cut away limbs. He says one of the larger trees was hollow and covered in small black beetles, likely making it weak.

Murphy says the home was build in 1920 and the trees were here before that, making the large spruces over 100 years old.

It's not clear if Murphy's sister and stepfather who live there will be able to move back in. For now, they're staying at a local motel with assistance from the American Red Cross.

Lucas Murphy says because of all the wood in the yard, to make it easier on them, anyone who needs firewood can come pick up as much as they want, just as long as someone is there to help on the property. 

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