The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released their annual study on Domestic Violence in Tennessee.

The study detailed the volume and nature of crime considered to be domestic violence in nature. The TBI uses data from law enforcement agencies across the state submitted through the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS).

The TBI highlighted some of the main findings from the "Domestic Violence 2017" study:

  • A total of 77,846 domestic violence offenses were reported in 2017, representing a decrease of 1.8% since 2016.
  • Simple Assault accounted for the largest number of domestic violence offenses.
  • Females were three times as likely to be victimized as males and accounted for 71.5% of reported victims.
  • Juveniles accounted for approximately 9.8% of reported domestic violence victims, with Fondling being the most reported offense made against juveniles.

“I would like to thank all participating law enforcement agencies for their hard work and contributions to making this report a thorough and accurate picture of crime in Tennessee,” Acting TBI Director Jason Locke said. “It is only with their support the state continues to maintain such a successful program.”

You can read the full report below.