UPDATE: Two of the four paramedics poisoned by carbon monoxide while working at the Bonnaroo Festival have been released from the hospital. The Coffee County Sheriff's Office said the paramedics were using a generator to power their RV when something went wrong.

Charles Dodson was released from Erlanger on Wednesday morning. He doesn't remember much about what happened Sunday evening but said he is very fortunate he survived.

Dodson said his memory is still foggy from the carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I remember waking up not being able to walk, or really function,” Dodson said.

Dodson is a medic with Roane County. This week, he was at the Bonnaroo Festival, available to anyone who needed medical treatment. Instead, he became the patient.

He was hanging out with friends, who were also working at the festival. It was after their shift, and he decided to crash for the night in their RV. That is when things went terribly wrong.

“I managed to crawl through the RV. I fell out of the doorway. I realized I was not going to make it any further, so I started hollering and stuff. The other paramedic, Josh, was able to go and get help,” Dodson said.

Dodson and two other medics were airlifted to Erlanger. Inspectors found the exhaust tube on the generator powering the RV was bent, allowing gas to leak inside.

Bradley County's EMS director, who employees the other two medics involved, tells Channel 3 the carbon monoxide alarm inside the RV didn't go off because a fuse was pulled.

“They flat out said if I hadn't had woke up and woke other people up, another 30 minutes to an hour, we would not have made it,” Dodson said.

As a medic, Dodson is used to saving others. He said he is thankful for the men and women who rescued him.

“No matter what part of the state or what service you’re with, we are all family. We try to take care of ourselves,” Dodson said.     

The two medics from Bradley County are still at Erlanger, listed in fair and critical condition.

Coffee County authorities are investigating what went wrong inside that RV.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Two of the four Bonnaroo paramedics who were taken to the hospital with possible carbon monoxide poisoning are from the Tennessee Valley.

The two paramedics work for Bradley County EMS, but they weren't representing the emergency rescue service at the festival.

The paramedics have been identified as Josh VanDusen and Ashton Hughes. VanDusen is a full-time paramedic with Bradley County EMS, and Hughes works part-time as a paramedic.

Both were taken to a Chattanooga area hospital, where they are recovering. They are both expected to be OK, according to a Bradley County EMS spokesperson.

It is believed that the paramedics were exposed to the carbon monoxide from a generator inside a camper.

One of the medics woke up not feeling well. That medic tried to wake VanDusen up. When he woke up, he said he was not feeling well either. The two men went to the medic tent for help. While there, the on-duty medics noticed the men were turning red. Initially, medics thought the men were drugged.

Hughes was found unconscious inside the RV.

The rented RV the medics were staying in was taken to the Hamilton County Garage to be inspected.  Inspectors found that the exhaust tube was bent which was allowing gas to get back into the RV. The carbon monoxide alarm did not go off because they found that the fuse was pulled. 

All four of the paramedics were airlifted to Unity Medical Center in Manchester, a Coffee County Sheriff's Department spokesperson explained. Three were them airlifted to Erlanger, and one was taken to Vanderbilt.

One of the paramedics has been released, and the others are expected to go home later this week. 

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PREVIOUS STORY: Four paramedics working at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival were taken to a hospital on Monday with possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office said the paramedics were using a generator to power the RV they were staying in.

One of the paramedics woke up and stumbled out of the RV and got help for the others.

Three of the paramedics were airlifted to a hospital and the fourth was taken to a Manchester hospital.

The Coffee County Sheriff's Office said 32 Bonnaroo attendees required being taken to a local hospital by ambulance and five were flown to a hospital during the four-day festival. One person died during the festival.

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