A Chattanooga monument company is working around the clock to finish the headstones for which customers paid another local business.

You may remember Wichman Monuments suddenly closed three months ago leaving many customers wondering if and when their headstones would be completed.

Jim Holcomb with Chattanooga Monument Company has had an overwhelming response since Wichman shut its doors. He said there have been some challenges, but he will make good on every order he receives.

Tammy Burroughs is one of the people he's helping.

She visits her mother every day before work at Hamilton Memorial Gardens. Processing her death has been tough.

"I just miss her. We were very close. At 72, that's very young," Burroughs said.

The grave site has white flowers and her mother's favorite bird, a hummingbird. What's missing is a headstone that was supposed to be in place five months ago.

Burroughs is one of around 260 people impacted by the abrupt closing of Wichman Monuments.

"For any business or any person to disrespect my mother, it makes me sick," Burroughs said.

Jim Holcomb with Chattanooga Monument Company stepped in to help. 

"I thought if anybody could be a hero in this, we'd like to be a hero in this," Holcomb said.

He's taken on nearly 100 of those headstone projects at his family owned business.

"We were busy ourselves and we didn't know what we were getting involved in. We had no idea," Holcomb said.

He's finished about a third of the headstone orders he picked up when Wichman closed and many more will be done by the end of this month including the one for Tammy Burroughs' mother.

"This man didn't have to do this at all. He has been a blessing," Burroughs said.

Holcomb said he won't let the families down. It's a relief for Burroughs who said the painful burden will soon be lifted.

"Until this is finished, we're still grieving and we're going to be grieving for a very long time, but having the marker up here will be the closure that we're going to need and we can finish with our grieving," Burroughs said.

Holcomb said the headstone orders he's taken on add up to $200,000. Besides Chattanooga Monument Company, two other local and two national monument companies are helping former Wichman customers.