A local 8-year-old's mission to save sea turtles is growing with the help of actor Mark Wahlberg and his daughter.

Cash Daniel came to our studio last month ago and told us about his passion to protect sea turtles and the environment by encouraging everyone to recycle. Now, he's challenging everyone, including Mark Wahlberg to use paper straws instead of plastic.
We caught up with the 8-year-old, who’s known as "The Conservation Kid", on Facetime Friday.

Cash says his motto “paper not plastic*” was inspired by a trip to Wahlburgers in Atlanta, which is owned by Wahlberg.  

“I noticed that they had plastic straws and I was concerned and when we got home I wrote a letter to Wahlberg,” said Cash. “I told him that it hurts the animals.

Cash's letter mentioned 500 million straws are used every day in the U.S.  

“Turtles they get the straws in their noses and [it] kills them, but if we use paper straws that won't harm them because they break down quicker.”
Thursday night, Wahlberg posted a video of his daughter, Grace, on Instagram

“So there's a boy who's eight like me his name is Cash,” said Grace.

After explaining Cash's experience, Grace challenged her dad to make a change at his restaurants.
“It would make me happy if you just paper straws because I want to see you see turtles lives.”

The video has more than 400,000 views. Cash says he was surprised.       

“I was excited that someone the same age as me was to recycling just like me,” said Cash.

Wahlberg's team also reached out to Cash and his family saying they hope Cash feels "proud and empowered" knowing his letter inspired change.
Cash says he hopes to inspire as many people as possible. After all he says, “anyone can make a difference.”

To help find out how you can help Cash save the environment, click here to email his family. (THECONSERVATIONKID@GMAIL.COM)