A Hamilton County man who shot his ex-girlfriend and another man will serve 10 years probation for the crime.

A judge decided Friday he would allow the plea deal in exchange for the man's testimony in another case.

Ashley Harris sobbed as her ex-boyfriend, Michael Shavers, admitted he tried to kill and her friend, Joshua Maples.

They're words she waited more than three years to hear, but her tears are of frustration after a judge allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for 10 years probation and house arrest.

Prosecutors say the deal reflects Shavers' testimony which helped put Derek Morse behind bars for life in a separate murder trial.

"He threatened, and he planned this out. He meant to kill them and it's just not right," Ashley's mother, Donna Harris said.

Ashley and Donna spoke before the judge again Friday saying they were against the sentence, giving the judge screenshots of messages they say Shavers sent before he opened fire and pictures of the bullet-ridden truck the two were in when they were attached.

But after reading a pre-sentence investigation report, the judge ruled the sentence was reasonable because Shavers had a low chance of re-offending and that it's not the court's job to overstep the district attorney.

"If judges step out of that role, then it does real damage to our constitutional system of government and takes responsibility away from the other elected branches of government," Judge Tom Greenholtz said during Friday's hearing.

Shavers' attorney declined to comment Friday but said in the past, his client is ready to accept responsibility and move on.