Expect to see renovations on some historic buildings throughout Chattanooga. There are six anticipated hotels coming to Chattanooga within the next two years. The boutique style hotels will bring over 800 rooms for people to stay, pumping big money into the local economy.

On an average day, almost 10,000 people spend the night in hotels throughout Chattanooga. The surge in boutique hotels will make sure there is room for everyone.

“I think Chattanooga is having a renaissance right now in all areas. Apartments, people moving here, it is becoming a destination,” said Seija Ojanpera.

As more people come to Chattanooga for both business and pleasure, the downtown area needs more places for them to stay.

“We are seeing an increase of couples traveling. Both younger couples and older couples without kids,” said Barry White the President and CEO of the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau.

By 2020, that problem will hopefully be fixed, as six new boutique hotels will start opening.

“It is always good when private enterprise wants to invest into your community.”  

The Dwell Hotel on East 10th Street was one of the first boutique hotels in Chattanooga.

“People desire more of an experience when they go and travel. It is not just about comfort and ease. It is more about being transported and seeing something different visually. Tasting different cultures' food and things,” said the owner of the hotel, Seija Ojanpera.

The news of more boutique style hotels coming to Chattanooga is a little intimidating for the staff at the Dwell Hotel. But they know the demand is here.

“With more hotels, more events can happen and more people can come. We want to welcome everyone here and have the place that is right for them to stay.”

Tourism officials said boutique hotels are healthy for the economy and their future in Chattanooga is bright.

“Not looking for a cookie cutter type experience. Those people are going to be around for a long time. They will be traveling for a long time. They are just now getting into work and having some disposable income and they will continue to travel,” said White.

The new hotels will mean more parking issues in downtown. Tourism officials said they are looking at all options and considering how to handle those problems.

The anticipated boutique hotels are: 

  • Vision Hospitality: 90-room boutique hotel "The Edwin" near the Walnut Street Bridge.
  • 3H Group: a four-story, 102-room Moxy Hotel at Market and Kings Street. 
  • Hotel Indigo: 117 room hotel at Pine and Sixth Streets, the 300 apartment building. 
  • The Clemons Lofts apartments at Eighth and Chestnut streets is to hold from 80 to 100 boutique hotel rooms.
  • A developer has announced plans for the former St. George Hotel to become a 55-room boutique hotel.
  • 91 year-old Chattanooga Bank Building into a 159-room boutique hotel (looking for bids). 

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