A man and woman were charged with aggravated child abuse and drug charges after their home was condemned by authorities.

It happened on May 22 in the 7700 block of Old Lee Highway.

The arrest report says 47-year-old Robert Edward Kristof and 38-year-old Louana Jean Meinert were charged after officers found marijuana, ecstasy pills, digital scales and drug paraphernalia during a search of their home.

The report says officers also found three 5-year-old children wearing only diapers that "looked dirty." The report says clothes and "other articles" were piled up around the home, making it difficult to move around. Officers also found roaches and gnats in various areas.

Officers found a large hole in the wall next to where one of the children was sleeping. They also found the marijuana and ecstasy on a nightstand beside the child.

All three children were taken by child protective services and code enforcement officials condemned the home.

Meinert and Kristof are each charged with aggravated child abuse or neglect, possession of marijuana for resale, possession of ecstasy for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Both are scheduled to appear in court on June 15.

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