Signal Mountain's town council voted not to move forward with plans to bring a big box grocery store to the town.

The store would have been placed across the street from a locally owned grocery store and in front of a neighborhood.

This was a hot topic on the mountain.

One woman says she’s overjoyed the proposal did not pass.

Nancy Gill has lived on Cauthen Way for 50 years. She says the proposed rezoning plan would have been less than 300 feet away from her home.
“It makes me very uneasy,” said Nancy Gill. “I feel like it would lower the price of my house if I ever want to sell it.”

Gill says she also had major concerns about safety.

“I'm not afraid of anything, and I just feel like this is going to bring things we are not prepared,” said Gill.

The town council discussed the proposal for more than 40 minutes.

Councilman Dan Landrum moved to deny the request to rezone the property.

“I think if they knew what we wanted, then we would get better proposals,” said Councilmember Dan Landrum.

Four council members agreed the big box store should not be built on Signal Mountain.

Councilman Robert Spalding abstained from voting.

Mayor Chris Howley says he knows the area needs a development, but not one like this.

“Bring a very consistent look to the strip malls on both sides,” said Mayor Chris Howley. “I cannot get around the number of people I've heard from.”

The owner of the property did not want to comment on the vote.

Right now no other plans have been made.