Grayson Ledbetter was doing what most five year old boys would do with free rein of a boxing gym. He jumped, spun and punched inside Chattanooga's Y-Cap Boxing Gym. Completely unaware that his real opponent, Alexander Disease is deadly and has no cure.

Grayson kept smiling, "We don't fully understand what he's going through on a daily basis and that smile is on him every day," said Grayson's mother Laura Ledbetter.

Alexander Disease is an extremely rare, usually progressive, and fatal neurological disorder, but Grayson isn't fighting this fight alone.

His parents created the foundation, "Grayson's Ladder, Climbing Towards a Cure." In less than six months they've raised $150,000.

Laura said, "we're not gonna quit, we're not gonna give up on him, we're gonna keep fighting until we have an option of a treatment."

You can help fund the research Saturday at the Convention Center where Andy Smith and the  Y-CAP Boxing Club are hosting "Gloves Up For Grayson." A night full of amateur and pro boxing where all the goes to Grayson's foundation.

Laura said, "I think it's really neat it's boxing, these young men are out fighting a fight and we're at home fighting a fight as well."

Andy Smith said, "it really puts into perspective the word life. So for us here to do something that's bigger than us and to teach our kids at YCAP it's important to pay it forward."

Smith says the YCAP Boxing Club would fight for Grayson on any given day, because any day Grayson smiles, is a good day.

"He's touched a lot of lives with that smile," said Laura.

Andy said, "like their mom Laura says, today is a good day. I think we can all learn something from that. Tomorrow's not promised, yesterday is forgotten all we have is today."

You can purchase tickets here:  Gloves up For Grayson Tickets 
The event starts at 6PM inside the Chattanooga Convention Center.

To help Grayson's Foundation click here: Grayson's Ladder, Climbing to a Cure