STONY POINT, N.Y. (AP) - A school district just outside of New York City says it is considering a proposal from two fifth graders to get rid of homework.

Fifth-graders Christopher DeLeon and Niko Keelie at Farley Elementary School in Stony Point say they decided to petition for a homework ban due to stress from homework. WNBC-TV reports the district was already considering how to rethink homework for district students, saying they agreed with the students' points.

"I got stressed by homework a lot, so I just -- it took me a minute of thinking -- I want to get rid of homework," said Keelie.

Assistant Superintendent Kris Felicello said Wednesday that officials are trying to rethink homework to make it more beneficial for students.

"It's really not about banning homework or no homework -- it's about rethinking it, and how can we do it different to better the needs of our students," said Felicello.

The district is considering several options, one of which would allow parents to ask for homework for their children. School officials hope to have a new homework policy ready to go for the next school year.


Information from: WNBC-TV,

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