UPDATE: Cleanup crews spent Friday afternoon removing debris and restoring power from Thursday’s storms. One of the hardest hit areas was in Bledsoe County. The storm left a trail of damage on Highway 30 near Pikeville. Once the water receded, families were outside with their tools working to remove the debris.

“Debris, all kind of stuff, rock, mud, rockslide, all of it,” said Brandon Golden. It was cleanup day for people living in Bledsoe County.  “Trees down everywhere, everywhere. I tried to come home last night, didn’t do any good there were trees down in the road.”

The Golden Family spent their Friday afternoon with chainsaws and trailers, working to remove the mess the storm left behind. “Chainsaw got to cut it out, cut the trees up, get the brush and stuff all moved out.”

They live on Cove Hill Road off of Highway 30. The Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Office said that area saw the most damage from the storm. Brandon Golden said that is evident with how many downed trees are in the area. “A few trees fall, a couple of them hit right there in the back.”

He is thankful that is all his family saw. He knows others living in the area had much worse.  “No major damage, just some cosmetic stuff. We got pretty lucky.”

There were also downed power lines throughout the county. They should all be cleaned up by now. If you still see any, do not drive over them.

PREVIOUS STORY: Some Bledsoe County homeowners are dealing with property damage after storms moved through on Thursday.

Several neighborhoods and roads flooded making it unsafe for residents and drivers.

At the first sight of rain, Keshia Salgat started to prepare for flooding. She grabbed clothes for her and her son Ryan. Salgat also packed her pets in the van.

What is the sign that it's time to go?

“I watch the creek. When it starts to get in the yard, that's when I know it's time to go,” said Keshia Salgat.

Salgat says she waited for the storm to pass and the water level to lower before she returned home.

A few miles away Jake Angel helped navigate traffic on Old Highway 28. He recorded video around 2:00 p.m. of water covering the main road.

“I had a neighbor right down the road stop and ask if the road was safe. I said no absolutely not but with flash floods, if you give it an hour or two then it goes down,” said Jake Angel.

Angel says his neighborhood had a few inches of water but it went away quickly.

“Rained for about an hour and then the water started rising within 30 minutes," said Angel. "I mean out of nowhere, you wouldn’t have even expected it."

When Salgat was able to make it home, she noticed the trailer skirting was damaged and the air conditioning ducts disconnected.

She knows it could have been worse. Other people have lost their homes in her area in the past.

“The trailers back there you can see they are off shape where it flooded before. It moved those and hit everyone but ours,” said Salgat.

The Bledsoe County Rescue Squad says water levels have gone down significantly and roads are now open. They warn people to watch out for any water damage to the roads, especially on secondary ones.