Channel 3 spent Tuesday with an EPB crew who worked through the holiday weekend preparing for the outer rain bands of Alberto to reach the Tennessee Valley. 

Crews were trimming pine and maple trees at the corner of Talley and Brainerd Tuesday. They said it's been nonstop since the weekend. 

"We had some crews over the weekend, that worked quite a few hours straight through Saturday, Sunday, and Monday," Jon Williams, a Vegetation Supervisor with EPB, said.

EPB enlisted the help of contractors with bucket crews and manual crews. A manual crew climbs a tree to cut. A bucket crew, like the one we caught up with, hoists the crew members up to make the cut. 

"This is a crew that uses the elevated lift to get up near the power lines, near the trees to do the trimming," Williams added about the crew at Talley and Brainerd today.

This specific crew had five members. Another 95 crew members are out working at other locations. J. Ed. Marston, Vice President of Marketing with EPB, said the utility started using contractors for these jobs.

"It gives us flexibility, and it also makes sure we're getting the best price for this work, for our customers," Marston said.

Any EPB customer can report a tree that appears dead or about to fall. A crew will be dispatched to check it out. 

"We're trying to make sure we do the job well, but we also do it as affordable as possible, because our customer's money is very important," Marston added.

He tells Channel 3 by hiring multiple contractors, the utility can get someone to a location much quicker. EPB has placed crews on an elevated risk response plan for Tuesday night, which means they will be on call. They do not anticipate this being a major event.

You can report a power outage or a problem tree that could cause outages using EPB's app.

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