The funerals for the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting continue. Ten families had to plan services for their loved ones, including a family from Chattanooga.

Kimberly Vaughan was a 14-year-old freshman killed in the Texas school shooting. Her cousins are Vanessa and Timothy Lofton of Chattanooga.

“Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be connected to anyone involved in a school shooting,” Timothy Lofton said.

Timothy Lofton never got the chance to meet his distant cousin, 14-year-old Kimberly Vaughan. She was killed inside her Texas art classroom when a gunman opened fire.

“Very artistic, she loved art, she loved to draw," Lofton said. "She was a very happy child. They say she never met a stranger.”

Timothy and his wife Vanessa found out about the shooting while watching the news and immediately recognized the name of Kimberly’s school. It wasn't until almost a day later that they learned Kimberly was a victim.  

“It was very very sad," Timothy Loften explained. "Vanessa was sad over it. She is still sad over it to this day.”

Kimberly was a member of the Girl Scouts. She loved Harry Potter and spending time at the library.

Lofton said he couldn't make it to Kimberly’s funeral, but his wife has been in touch with Kimberly’s mother.

“We are going to go to an event that will honor her in August in Richmond, Virginia, at the Vaughan Family Reunion,” Timothy Lofton added.

He said until then, Kimberly and all other school shooting victim's will be in his prayers.

“We are saddened over the fact that Kimberly is no longer with us," Timothy Lofton said. "But we look forward to the time when there won't be any more violence on the earth and we will see her in better times.”

Donations are being accepted for Kimberly's family.