The wet weather didn't help with one of the busiest travel days of the year. Millions are expected to make their way home on Memorial Day.

At one point, traffic on Interstate 24 was at a standstill. Multiple wrecks caused several backups for drivers across the Tennessee Valley.

Some drivers tell Channel 3, they sat in standstill traffic for up to three hours on Monday afternoon, after an overturned tractor-trailer caused major delays in both Tennessee and Georgia.

"We were stopped approximately 15 minutes, and then I turned on this stopwatch to see how long it actually was and we moved zero. Zero," traveler, Dave Winkler says.

David Winkler is traveling back to Florida with his family. It was smooth sailing until a tractor-trailer crash on the Georgia-Tennessee line caused major backups on I-24 East.

It took Winkler and his family nearly two hours to go a little over a mile.

"If it's the worst thing that happens today, it's ok," Winkler says.

Winkler is not alone. Some drivers say with Memorial Day weekend and the threat of bad weather, they expected delays.

"I can't imagine why anyone would be surprised," traveler, Larry Williams says.

It is a headache for drivers, but they say it is best to just plan for it.

"Don't ride the person in front of you, because that's one of the things that will create a traffic accident," Williams advises.

AAA predicts Tuesday to be one of the busiest travel days over the Memorial Day weekend, when everyone is heading back home.

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