It's that time of year where it seems like there are showers and thunderstorms every day.

This occurs from negative and positive charges. The ground is positively charged. When a thunderstorm develops, the base of a cloud develops negative charges.

When a lightning strike occurs, we often see what's called a return stroke, from the base of the cloud to the ground. It's really the opposite that's occurring, we just see the strike occur down. 

For Memorial Day, we brought in Dr. Christine Celis from Pure Genius in Ringgold to show how during your Memorial Day party this weekend you can make an electrical charge by using just a styrofoam plate and plastic fork. 

Dr. Celis tells Channel 3 if it initially doesn't work, use a different environment. If you're outside, head inside or try a different room.

There are many variables that can impact the charges like temperature and humidity.

Pure Genius holds camps all summer long for kids of all ages. You can sign up and learn more by visiting the Pure Genius website.

Enjoy the holiday!