UPDATE: With Memorial Day now behind us, the annual task of gathering the flags placed at Chattanooga National Cemetery is in need of volunteers to help.

Chattanooga National Cemetery invites the public to help pick up flags that have decorated the gravesites since the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Starting Saturday morning at 8:00am, volunteers will pick up flags and bundle them in groups of 10.

Cemetery staff will be there to assist and accept flags that have been picked up.

PREVIOUS STORY: Thousands of flags are flying on the graves at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Scouts and volunteers placed each of the flags Saturday morning ahead of Memorial Day.

"There's thousands of people with their own story of when they were serving. It's so amazing," said Scout Stephen Hamill.

Thousands of headstones, and thousands of stories, more than 50,000 of them in the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

"It's a whole lot of people who were willing to serve the country," Hamill said looking around.

But how do you honor so many historic memories? This weekend it's with a symbol for the country they fought for.

"We're supposed to put them a foot from the grave," Hamill said while placing a flag, "We get to honor them by placing these flags."

Hamill is 12 years old. He joined more than 2,000 scouts and volunteers to help remember each and every fallen service member, marking headstones with flags for Memorial Day.

"Well, it feels good to be honoring the people who served our country," Hamill explained.

He's done this for a few years. He said every year it means a little more, "I think it feels special to get to do this."

The flags will be left out until Tuesday and volunteers will be needed to help pick them up.

If you want to volunteer contact Victoria Johnson at 423-290-4824.