According to a new study by researchers at Dashlane, shows Americans are just plain lazy when it comes to thinking of new passwords. Dashlane, a password manager app, found that millions of computer users are coming up with passwords using the technique called "keyboard walking". It is the process of creating a code simply by using symbols, numbers and letters in the same general area of the keyboard.

For example, Dashlane found that the password, "1q2w3e4r" is frequently used, followed closely by "1qaz2wsx" which is just ahead of "1qazxsw2."

At first glance it might seem these are good choices for passwords since they do not include a common word and it's a mixture of numbers and letters, but many people use these as passwords because it's a straight swipe down the left side of the keyboard.

I took the passwords to the website and found that the "1q2w3e4r" password had been compromised in some 600,000 security breaches.

Other popular (thus bad) passwords of 2017 included "iloveyou" which was compromised 1.4 million times. Other popular passwords from 2017 were "iloveme", "trustno1", "ihateyou", "skittles", "cocacola", "superman" and "corvette."

Cyber-security experts urge users to have a unique password for each online account and that passwords be at least 13 characters in length, include a mixture of uppercase-lowercase letters, numbers and symbols with no common words. That's a tall task for the average person with 150 accounts. You can use a password manager such as Dashlane, LastPass or 1Password. You can also use this trick.