AAA is predicting a record number of travelers this Memorial Day weekend, most of which will be traveling by road.

Karen Edwards and her husband match the statistic.

The couple from St. Louis stopped at the Nickajack rest area while on their way to Atlanta for their grandson's graduation.

"We were trying to avoid the weekend traffic because we figured because we figured that would be the worst with Memorial Day weekend but it has been actually very very good," she said.

The Edwards' decided to break their drive up into two days to give themselves a little more time, anticipating heavy traffic-- Something Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Alan Bailey advises drivers to do as they kick off the summer driving season.

"The truth is that any given day that you get out in a car and drive, then you're subject to have a crash," Bailey said.

Seventeen people were killed on Tennessee roadways over Memorial Day weekend last year, and three of those were in the Chattanooga district.

This year, THP wants to drive that number down to zero, but in order to do that, Bailey said they need your help.

"Buckle up. Drive the speed limit. Do not drive distracted or under the influence," he added.

Being aware of other drivers on the road can help too.

With this semi, trucking advocates are able to educate the public of a semi's blind spots.

"If you can see the driver's face in his side mirror, then he can see you. If you can't see his face, then he absolutely can't see you," they said.

All things Edwards said they consider when traveling to make the trip as safe as possible.

"We do try to slow it down a little bit, let everyone pass us and give our selves a little patch of the road and it helps a lot," she added.