After being on the front lines of helping others in crisis, Bill Griffith is now in need of lifesaving help.

For nearly a decade if there was an emergency in Bradley County, Bill wasn't far behind. 

Bill Griffith says, "If there was a crisis in town or an emergency I was there."

Bill says that was his way of extending the ministry of the church outside the four walls.

Bill says, "I got to walk with people in some of the most difficult personal times of their lives."

Now, Bill is facing one of the most difficult journeys of his life. He's in need of a kidney transplant.

Bill is facing numerous life-threatening health issues from autoimmune deficiency to neuromuscular disease and kidney failure. This journey started back in 2010. In 2013 doctors told Bill to move to Florida to help his breathing.

Bill says, "Moving away from my family, packed up and left my family."

Then while living alone in Florida, Bill woke up one morning and couldn't breathe.

Bill says, "I'm thinking I'm not going to make it, so I called my wife to tell her goodbye."

By the time Bill made it to the hospital, he was in full kidney failure. He's currently at a 10-12 percent function.

Bill came back home where he has gone from helping others on the front line of an emergency to needing life-saving help himself. He describes his current situation as "the danger zone." 

Bill says, "If I can survive 3-4 more months and find my living donor, I could have a transplant and avoid dialysis."

Bill says there are currently 12 people in the donor pool being checked to see if they are a match.

Bill says, "My phrase is I believe this is my year to receive."

If you would like to help, you can make a donation through GoFundMe or visit either location of Cleveland Bradley Teachers Credit Union.