TDOT crews will perform repair work on I-24 West in Grundy County at mile marker 128.6 at the bridge over the Elk River.

Work is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm Thursday, May 24 and be completed before 5:00an on Friday, May 25.

Next week, beginning on Tuesday, May 29 through Wednesday, June 3, TDOT crews will be patching and paving areas in Rhea, Hamilton and Bradley counties.

Depending on the location, work will occur during the day between 7:00am and 5:30pm, or at night between 8:00pm and 6:00am the following day. Drivers should expect traffic control.

Other road work underway in the Tennessee Valley:

  • HAMILTON COUNTY I-75 North Exit 1 interchange reconfiguration project at mile marker 1: Work on this project continues. There is now only one exit ramp that allows drivers to turn both east and west on Ringgold Road at a signalized intersection. Traffic has been shifted onto the newly constructed portion of Camp Jordan Pkwy., and the intersection (I-75 NB off-ramp and SR-8/Camp Jordan Pkwy.) is now controlled by a traffic signal. Estimated project completion date is June 2018.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY US-27 (I-124) widening from I-24/US-27 interchange to north of the Olgiati Bridge over the Tennessee River, including widening the Olgiati Bridge: Work on this project continues. The contractor has closed the 12th Street tie-in ramp to US-27 South. This closure will be in place through 06/18. Traffic from 12th Street will be detoured to Carter Street and then to westbound MLK Blvd. where motorists may access the US-27 South on-ramp. Detours are posted. Motorists should exercise caution when traveling through the construction zone and pay close attention to the detour signage posted. The speed limit on US-27 in the construction zone remains 45 MPH. On Tuesday, May 29th, the contractor will implement a temporary left lane closure for US-27 North, from I-24 to the Olgiati Bridge, from 7 PM to 6 AM, for setting the Phase 2 Beams at the 6th Street Bridge. During this time, 6th Street will be closed at the bridge, and traffic will be detoured using Gateway Ave / Martin Luther King Blvd / Pine Street. At the same time, the US-27 North off-ramp to 4th Street (Exit 1C) will be temporarily closed from 7 PM to 10 PM, to remove barrier rail. Traffic will be detoured using MLK (Exit 1B) to Chestnut Street. Weather permitting, the contractor may implement temporary lane/shoulder closures on weeknights between the hours of 7 PM and 6 AM. At least one lane will remain open in each direction on US-27. THP will assist with traffic control on the project as necessary RESTRICTIONS: I-124 (US-27) Northbound Exit 1C 4th Street Off Ramp. No oversize/over-dimensional loads. Width Limit is 11 feet. Estimated project completion date is January 2020.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY SR-111 resurfacing from SR-29 to Jones Gap Road: During this report period the contractor will have lane closures in place during resurfacing operations. No closures will occur from 5 AM to 8 AM in the southbound direction and from 4 PM to 6 PM in the northbound direction. Flaggers will be on hand to assist as needed. Estimated project completion date is July 2018.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY SR-320 (East Brainerd Road) grading, drainage, installation of signals, construction of seven retaining walls and paving from east of Graysville Road to east of Bel-Air Road: During this report period, the contractor will have intermittent lane closures between 9AM-2PM. This work may affect either direction of East Brainerd Road or side streets from Graysville Road to Bel-Air Road. Flaggers will assist with traffic control as needed. Estimated project completion date is June 2018.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY the tunnel cleaning of the McCallie Tunnel on US-11 (US-64, SR-2), the Stringers Ridge Tunnel on US-127 (SR-8), and the Bachman Tubes on US-41 (US-76, SR-8): The nighttime cleaning operation of McCallie Tunnels, Stringers Ridge Tunnel, and Bachman Tubes occurs between 8PM-6AM. Tunnels will be closed during cleaning, and detours will be marked accordingly as each tunnel is cleaned. This work is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 5/23 at the McCallie tunnels (SR-2) and proceed to the Stringer's Ridge tunnel (SR-8) and on Thursday 5/24 the Bachman Tubes (SR-8) will be cleaned. Estimated project completion date is June 2018.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY Utility Work on SR-58 northbound at LM 19.44 (500 ft. north of Sims Harris Rd.): The contractor will implement a partial lane closure on weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM to install valve, vault and by-pass on existing water main. Utility construction signs, flagger signs, cones and flaggers will be present to assist with traffic control. Estimated project completion date is June 2018.
  • MCMINN COUNTY SR-30, grading, drainage and paving on SR-30 from Jackson Street to east of Knight Road in Athens: Work on this project continues. This project will upgrade SR-30 from a four-lane lane divided roadway to a five-lane urban-type roadway (two lanes in each direction with continuous center turn lane) and include curb, gutter and ADA-compliant sidewalks on both sides throughout the project area. The contractor has implemented the first phase traffic shift. The eastbound lanes are closed to traffic, and all traffic is using the existing westbound lanes, which have been marked and signed as a two-lane undivided highway from east of Jackson Street to east of Knight Road. Crossovers to businesses are reduced, but all businesses remain accessible. Estimated project completion date is October 2019.
  • MCMINN COUNTY I-75 resurfacing from south of SR-30 (MM 48.69/LM 13.75) to north of County Road 267 (MM 55.44/LM 20.50): Work on this project has begun. This Sunday through Thursday, the contractor will be working on the underdrain and will have temporary lane closures on I-75 from Sunday through Thursday night from 7 PM-6 AM. There will be State Troopers on the project and the speed limit in the project area has been lowered to 60 MPH. There is a possibility that the underdrain contractor will work during this reporting period on the Southbound lanes. This reporting period, the contractor will only work on Tuesday and Wednesday night to work on the underdrain. Estimated project completion date is September 2018.
  • POLK COUNTY SR-30 cross drain replacement between LM 2.65 and LM 8.0: Beginning on Monday 05/07/18 and lasting through July 2018, TDOT crews will be removing and replacing 16 deteriorating cross drains ahead of a resurfacing project that is scheduled to begin in late summer/early fall 2018. The work will take place between 8 AM and 4:30 PM on weekdays and will require intermittent lane closures. Estimated project completion date is July 2018.
  • POLK COUNTY US-64 (SR-40) construction of a concrete bulb-tee beam bridge over Branch and TOHA Old Line railroad (LM 24.85), including grading, drainage and paving: There will be intermittent lane closures as the contractor works to cut the embankment for the retaining wall. Pinecrest Road intersection has been closed. There are posted detour signs for residents to get to their homes on Pinecrest Road. This road will be closed during the duration of the construction of the Retaining Wall on US64. During this operation, there will be temporary lane closure. The work should be from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. Estimated project completion date is May 2019.
  • POLK COUNTY US-64 (SR-40) resurfacing from west of the Ocoee River Recreation Area, Caney Creek take out (LM 13.00) to LM 17.00.: There is a possibility of intermittent lane closures on this report as the contractor tries to finish up project. The contractor will only lack shoulder stone on the roadway. Starting after Memorial Day, the contractor will only have a lane closure on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Estimated project completion date is July 2018. RHEA COUNTY SR-68 slide repair at LM 5: TDOT personnel and contract crews have begun work to repair a section of SR-68 near LM 5 in Rhea County that is currently closed due to a slide. One lane is open to light traffic and controlled by a temporary signal. RESTRICTIONS: No trucks. Estimated project completion date is June 2018.