Beginning this week, Facebook will prompt users to review their security settings and the options you have to control them.

The worst thing you can do may be to just quickly dismiss the boxes that pop up.

The effort by Facebook is one measure the social media giant is taking to initiate a dialog with its billions of users and remind them of how to change or even set them.

A blog post on Facebook Thursday morning explained the alerts you'll soon see to review details about advertising, face recognition, and information you may have chosen to share in your profile.

A similar experience is underway in the European Union as part of Facebook's preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Facebook says they're making it available everywhere.

Over the coming weeks, users will see a customized message that puts this information:

  • How Facebook uses data from partners to show more relevant advertising
  • Political, religious, and relationship information you’ve chosen to include on your profile
  • How Facebook uses face recognition, including for features that help protect your privacy
  • Updates to Facebook's terms of service and data policy that announced in April

You'll also see a summary of the choices you’ve already made and won’t see information about features already disabled or decided not to use. For example, if you’ve already disabled face recognition or ads based on data from partners, Facebook says they won’t ask you to turn them on.

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