Lisa Ann Millican's family sat in an Alabama courtroom waiting to hear the fate of one of Lisa’s killers. They urged the parole board to keep Judith Neelley behind bars.

“It has devastated us. Tore our hearts apart,” said Calvin Millican, Lisa’s brother.

“On behalf of the families and the constituents that I represent. On behalf of the people of Alabama, I implore you to deny her parole,” said Mike O'Dell, District Attorney, Ninth Circuit.

In 1982, Neelley and her husband, Alvin, kidnapped the 13-year-old girl.

“They took her to a motel where they stripped her naked and beat her and raped her and sexually assaulted her repeatedly,” said O’Dell.

Neelley was sentenced to death, but that was commuted to life in prison. Alvin later died in prison.

Before the parole hearing, Neelley said she wanted to cancel it, but no one followed through with the official process.

“Unquestionably the crime committed was a dastardly and unthinkable crime that defies human comprehension. I don't mind saying that. Ms. Neelley could not agree more with that and will always be, to her very dying moment, incredibly ashamed and remorseful,” said Julian McPhillips, Neelley's Attorney.

The parole board heard from several people and denied parole. Neelley will remain in prison.

“As long as she's here, we know she's not hurting any other kids. She's not hurting any other families. No one is being destroyed by this monster,” said Tina Millican, Lisa’s sister.

Neelley will eligible for parole again in five years.