This is Public Works Week. It's set up to celebrate the services that power Chattanooga. Channel 3 caught up with one city crew working on a job Tuesday, and they told us why it's important to give back. 

Chattanooga Public Works helps organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, The Ronald McDonald House and the Chattanooga Food Bank in the Tennessee Valley. 

From house cleaning to sweeping up brush, Tuesday's recipient was Bethel Bible Village.

"It wouldn't be getting done because we have so much work to do here, and I'm the only person taking care of 30 acres. So that's been there for months," Jesse Mendez of Bethel Bible Village stated as he points to a large pile of brush.

About a dozen city workers showed up with equipment and cleaning supplies. Bethel Bible Village relies solely on donations, so this donation of time and resources is appreciated. 

"We're here to just help anyone that is in crisis, in any manner that we're able to take care of. It ranges from kids to some adults," Billy Ward, a house parent at Bethel, said."

Bethel currently has four homes in operation, two boys homes and two girls homes. Each can house eight people at a time. Kids 12 and older attend the school on the grounds. Ward says the families who stay here usually stay between and 18 and 24 months. Bonnie Dodson says spending time on campus helps workers learn about Bethel and educate others about the work Chattanooga Public Works does daily. 

"Trash has to go somewhere, your wastewater has to go somewhere, your cooking and cleaning..that debris has to go somewhere," Dodson explained.

She added the jobs that other people don't want to do or really think about are the ones that are usually essential and it's about doing those jobs for free to give back and increase awareness.

Jesse Mendez tells Channel 3 the services that Public Works did in just hours would've taken him an entire week to complete. 

If you would like to help give to Bethel Bible Village, you can learn more on their website. If you have a weather-related story idea feel free to email Meteorologist Brittany Beggs.