A group of Chattanoogans celebrated the royal wedding with a toast.

Adele's Crêperie had a royal-themed menu just for the occasion.

The owners of Adele’s decided to have a toast for the royal couple because their love stories are alike.

Mr. Pritchard is from England and married an American woman.

The American and British flag hang side by side symbolizing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle becoming one.

Customers at Adele’s Crêperie enjoyed traditional English treats and some champagne.

Eric Kruger is from England and gave the toast. He says he was glued to the TV to watch the royal wedding.

“It sets a huge precedent in a world where we have so many divisions, so much racism, so much sexism,” Kruger said.

As Kruger was speaking, he held the two flags and a photo of the couple.

He says Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, has some things the royal family has never had before.

“She's American, she's divorced, she has a black mother and a white father, she is Catholic, and she is not of royal blood,” Kruger explained.

The restaurant owner, Carla Pritchard, says she enjoyed getting everything together because this theme mimics her marriage.

Carla Pritchard sent well wishes to the royal couple.

“Hopefully, this will be a good marriage that will work for this royal couple. It's been good for us, and we've enjoyed having both cultures as a part of the relationship that we enjoy,” Carla Pritchard said.

Kruger said this wedding that so many watched was a great lesson.

He saud it sends a message to the world.

“Let us unite we are one,” Kruger added. “One people on this Earth.”