UPDATE: The Grundy County school board selected an interim school director at a special called meeting last month.

The board voted to make Glenda Dykes the interim school director during the special meeting on May 22.

Dykes was the principal of Tracy City Elementary and has more than 30 years of experience working in education.

Dykes was selected after the school board decided to buy out the contract of former school director Jessie Kinsey.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: The Grundy County school board voted to buy out the contract of the director of schools, Jessie Kinsey. This comes after months of turmoil.  

The board voted five to three to pay Kinsey a portion of her contract to remove her as director of schools.

Several community members say they are not happy about this decision.

Grundy County school board members called an unusual Friday night meeting to discuss the director of schools position.  Most board members wanted a new one.

The members were given three options.

“To be transferred to another position if that's what the board wants to do; the board can leave her as the director of schools or the board could buy out her contract,” said Charles Cage, School Board Attorney.

The value of her contract is around $190,000. 

Grundy schools attorney, Charles Cagle, says he's already approached Kinsey about buying out her contract. That means paying her a portion of her salary. 

“The current pricing which we are fixed on right now is $105,000,” said Cagle.

One of the opposing board members, Janie Layne, says Kinsey is making improvements in the schools.

“She's doing her job, our grades are up and absentees are down. Everything's fine,” said Janie Layne, District 2.

Layne says the money used to pay Kinsey off could be used to better serve the students.

“I think it's a shame that we just throw taxpayers' money away like it means nothing,” said Layne.

School board chairperson, Phyllis Lusk, says she'll call another special meeting on Tuesday to discuss who will be the Interim Director.

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ORIGINAL STORY: The Grundy County school board voted to part ways with the director schools on Friday night.

The board voted 5-3 in favor of buying out Jessie Kinsey's contract.

The buyout will cost the school board $105,000.

Board members have not said what their next step will be.

Channel 3's Kasey Freeman was at the meeting and will bring you more tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.

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