Signal Mountain Town Council members heard a formal presentation from the proposed future water providers and answered questions from residents Thursday night.

The town manager, Boyd Veal, says Signal Mountain is in the community input phase of this project.

The only teenager in the room spoke up and she is worried about the future of her town. Fifteen-year-old Carson Bock and her mother have attended several town council meetings.

Both Tennessee American Water and Walden’s Ridge Utility District are offering to buy Signal Mountain's water system.

“I think my biggest concern with this right now is why we need to sell the water system in the first place and what the impacts of that would be as far as jobs in the community and the cost of water to the residents,” said Carson Bock.

Veal says right now the utilities are operated as a department of the town and a change from that would be significant.

“We could better operate the utilities,” said Veal. “We have a distribution system, we don't have a water source. Our job is to get water from point A to about 3000 point B’s.”

Bock is a member of the engineering club at her high school. She and her classmates took a field trip to a Tennessee American Water Company plant to learn more about the process.

Bock says she's confident that water is clean but she says her family wants to keep as many businesses on the mountain as possible and that means Walden’s Ridge.

“We kind of think that staying local would be best because it would support our community itself more, especially since Tennessee American Water company is a corporation that does have funding from other places,” said Bock.

Now that the council members have heard the proposal the next step is to vote.

They don't have a deadline but the next council meeting is June 18.