UPDATE: The Tyner community is mourning the loss of Tyner Academy sophomore Javon Craddock.

The 16-year-old collapsed while playing the game he loved Wednesday night at the Boys and Girls Club.

Channel 3 spoke with Craddock's grandmother over the phone who says she was extremely proud of her grandson. She says he was a great and respectable kid who loved sports.

"If he wasn't at school, he was playing basketball. If he wasn't playing basketball, he was at school," she said.

Craddock's high school basketball coach, E'Jay Ward agrees. He says Craddock was fun, loving, special, and had a bright future.

"I don’t know how it feels to have a kid, but I know just being around Javon that’s probably the closest feeling I had of having a son," Ward said. "This is a kid that you know means a lot to me."

Ward says the last time he saw Craddock was Wednesday afternoon as the sophomore was leaving school to go home.

Ward says Craddock was recovering from a back injury.

"He came to me and said, coach, I'm cleared to play," Ward said. "So I said okay Javon, and as he was walking on the bus I said we're going to start Monday. He was like alright coach, I’ll be ready and he smiled at me and he got on the bus."

A few hours later, Ward got a call from a friend saying something was wrong.

"He just told me Javon was just laying there passed out, and at the time I just wanted him to wake up and he never woke up," said Ward.

No one knows why.

Ward and family members say he didn't have any medical problems.

"He had minor injuries like knee injuries and ankle injuries, but it was nothing serious to where he couldn't play basketball. Yesterday was a normal day," said Ward.

As the Tyner community tries to cope with Javon's passing, Ward says his teammates are struggling to accept that he's gone.

"All I could just tell them is you know just keep pushing, keep fighting and just make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do," said Ward. "I have faith in my boys. We’re going to get it all together. We’ll be fine."

Craddock's grandmother says funeral arrangements haven't been made yet. She says some people are planning to have a memorial for her grandson sometime next week.

Channel 3 will have more details on the arrangements once they become available.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A local high school basketball player passed away on Wednesday after playing a game the Boys & Girls Club, according to his coach.

E'Jay Ward tells Channel 3, Javon Craddock, a sophomore at Tyner Academy, stopped playing and asked for a drink of water when he suddenly passed away.

Ward says Craddock showed no signs that anything was wrong and had no known health conditions.

A spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department says a officers responded to a medical emergency at the Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday.

The spokesperson says the juvenile was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

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