Probasco readers program winners for 2017-2018 are Middle Valley Elementary for larger schools and Alpine Crest Elementary for smaller schools. 

Students read at least twenty minutes per day outside of their school classes as part of Hamilton County's Read 20 program.

This year, with feedback from the librarians and schools, Read 20 divided the $10,000 prize into two $5,000 prizes.  The schools competed based on enrollment, either larger than 475 or smaller than 475, which is wonderful since Read 20 has the opportunity to provide support to two school libraries.

Almost three thousand students from twelve elementary schools participated in the Probasco Readers program this year.

Shawn Kurrelmeier-Lee, Chief Reading Officer stated that, “ Even the older children who read chapter books for the Probasco reader program read for at least 20 minutes and usually more to achieve the number of books they were required to read.  All of the participating children were supported and encouraged by their parents.” 

Mayor Jim Coppinger joined Ms. Kurrelmeier-Lee in awarding the funds to Middle Valley Elementary. The event for Alpine Crest Elementary will be in May 22nd at 9:00am.