A Hamilton County man is charged with Animal Cruelty for shooting a companion animal.

It happened Tuesday on Partridge Lane.

Hamilton County deputies were called to the home on a disorder.  When the deputy arrived he found a female victim hiding behind a nearby fence.

The affidavit reports she told the deputy that she found Jonathan Ray Keylon in her home when she arrived and that he had killed her dog.

The deputy went inside the house and found Keylon on the ground, hands in the air with a blanket covering his face. Keylon was wearing wet clothing and covered in mud. He told the deputy he killed the dog in the woods by accident while sighting in the scope of a pellet rifle.

Evidence showed that his story wasn't true. When confronted Keylon admitted that he shot the dog in the shed and then moved it to the woods. 

Keylon was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail. His bond is set at $10,000.