Some living in Soddy Daisy say their neighborhood is filled with litter. It's been a battle they say they've been fighting for a while now. Residents say it looks better in the summer as the grass grows, but during the cooler months, it's more noticeable.

"Daisy Dallas Road, Thrasher Pike, some of those roads, and even our side roads," Janice Cagle, City Manager of Soddy Daisy says.

Cagle says it could be boaters coming back after being on the water, and cleaning out their boats. Channel 3 visited some of those roads, and they looked much better than February of this year.

Edie Sutter is a resident in north Hamilton County. She recently moved here, and says she's been spending two to three days a week picking up litter. 

"We picked up about a 150 big yard black bags full over a four-mile area," says Sutter.

Edie says she focuses on Highwater Road, Dayton Pike, and Lee Pike. 

"But you know, a weekend comes and goes, and you could pick up 10 more bags along that track. It's that quick," says Sutter.

Cagle tells Channel 3 that if and when the trash becomes very noticeable, litterers need to know, they're not anonymous even on back roads.

"We have gone through it before to find out who it belongs to, and have contacted those people and said 'come clean it up, or we will take you to court,'" says Cagle.

Cagle asks volunteer groups to get active, including girl scouts, boy scouts, and youth church groups. If the litter is within Soddy Daisy limits, they will provide trash bags. 

The city of Soddy-Daisy can be contacted here.

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