UPDATE: Crews are working to secure the front facade of the Judiciary Annex building that collapsed earlier this year.

The county building collapsed when a private building was being demolished.  The county received a permit to structurally secure the building this week.
Once the work is finished and approved by a building inspector Highway 193 will reopen.

PREVIOUS STORY: It's not clear if a popular North Georgia festival will have to relocate as repairs continue on one of Lafayette’s oldest buildings.

In February, the front of a vacant building on East Villanow Street collapsed. County officials tell Channel 3 they had to close one of Lafayette’s main roads because of a new public safety concern.

Three months after it's collapse, the building on Lafayette’s Downtown Square continues to pose safety problems. This time for a county owned building.

“The building that collapsed on the corner of Downtown Lafayette actually had a shared wall with our building. The Walker County Judiciary Annex building. When that building collapsed the shared wall had some impact on our building,” said Joe Legge with Walker County.

Beams were installed inside and outside the annex building to prevent it from crumbling onto the road.

“Do some work to secure the roof, in case the front facade or other parts of the building were to collapse, hopefully the entire building wouldn't give way as well,” said Legge.

The next challenge for the county is getting the area prepared for the city's annual Honeybee Festival.

“With thousands of people coming downtown, even though there is tape up around the area, we know sometimes people don't listen to that; they might still come into this area," Legge said. "We want to make sure things are safe and secure before we have so many visitors in this area.”

Emergency crews are discussing safety plans. It is still unclear if a temporary fix will be suitable for the popular festival.

“There are vendors and of course people need parking, people need access to be able to walk and get to things," Legge said. "This is a major hindrance having this section of the town kind of cut off from where the festival will be held.”

The Honeybee Festival will be on June 2. County officials will not know until a few days before the festival if the street will reopen.