More people in Collegedale will soon have sewer access.

The City of Collegedale and the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority have reached an agreement that addresses issues created when the City of Chattanooga returned ownership of the Collegedale pump station to the City of Collegedale.

The agreement will allow additional customers access to the sewer system and lifts a moratorium passed by the City of Collegedale in 2015.

WWTA Executive Director Mark Harrison said, “We appreciate the hard work put into this interlocal agreement by the City of Collegedale as well as members of our team. We all realize the importance of planning for the future while meeting state and federal requirements and serving our respective customer base.”

Collegedale City Mayor Katie Lamb also released the following statement:

“The City of Collegedale is in the center of the tremendous growth our region is experiencing. It’s important to grow in ways that are sustainable as well as sensitive to the requirements we must meet with the state and federal government. This interlocal agreement does just that and we couldn’t be more pleased.”