The Chattanooga Fire Department saved a kitten Tuesday in a "jarring" rescue.

Around 8:30 am, a family stopped by Station 20 in Lookout Valley seeking help after their kitten got its head stuck in a glass mason jar.

Firefighters had to brainstorm how to get the cat's head out of the jar without hurting it. The usual firefighter tools would not work in this situation.

One of the captains at te station does heating and air conditioning work part-time. Captain Stone grabbed a pair of sheet metal crimpers and cut enough of the glass to safely get the kitten's head out of the jar.

"Another successful kitten rescue," Bruce Garner with CFD said.

This isn't the first kitten rescue of the month. On May 2, firefighters saved a kitten that was trapped in a vehicle's engine compartment.

"Firefighters will pretty much rescue anything," Garner added. "It's what they do."