A woman says shots were fired near her property over the course of two days last week and one of her horses was killed.

It happened Thursday and Friday off Cohutta Beaverdale Road.

Tammy Hamilton says Pearl was one of three horses her family owned. She says she and her daughter found Pearl dead in their barn behind their home Friday evening.

"When I got close enough I thought her neck was bent broke so I called the cops," says Hamilton.

Hamilton says when the police arrived, she couldn't believe what they told her.

"He went and looked at her and he told me that her neck wasn't broke, but that she had been shot. Somebody shot her twice and he thought it was done on purpose because she was trapped in there; there was no getting out of there," Hamilton says. "Pearl didn't deserve it. She was innocent. She was like an eight-year-old kid in her mind."

Hamilton says her other horse, Buddy, was running from gunfire the day before. Stitches now stretch across his side.

"He hit the end of the panel and when he did he busted his side wide open because he's a heavy horse and was running with force and he picked the panel up dragged it," Hamilton says. "It's just like I'm in the twilight zone and I cant get out of it. Its all I see day and night. I don't get sleep; I don't rest. I'm always riding the road going back and forth, just to see if I can catch somebody here."

Hamilton says she's offering $1,000 reward to find the person behind gun that killed Pearl.

"If they would do this to a horse, what would they do to a kid or a woman that's up here by themselves? If they're crazy enough to do it to a horse, they're going to do it to somebody else," says Hamilton.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Channel 3 reached out several times. So far, no one has been able to confirm if there are any leads.