UPDATE: Eighteen-year-old Cameron Shaffer jumped 40 feet from a cliff in Hixson and survived. He told Channel 3 he is doing okay. 

Neighbors said as soon as the weather warms up, people flock to the Hidden Harbor neighborhood. Last year the neighborhood put up signs warning visitors against trespassing, in an effort to keep them off the cliffs. 

“If you get hurt down there you’re pretty much on your own," neighbor, David Reynolds said. "It’s going to take a while before anyone can get to you.”

Reynolds has lived in Hidden Harbor for decades. His property backs up to the cliffs.

“It’s an attractive nuisance," Reynolds said. "I don’t know that there’s anything that can be realistically done.” 

Reynolds said to get to the cliffs visitors almost always have to trespass on his property or his neighbors'. 

“We see them pull up in cars, get out, and troop down there and just think ‘anything can happen,'" Reynolds said. "And it did last night." 

First responders said 18-year-old Cameron Shaffer jumped about 40 feet on Monday night. He was cliff diving with a group of friends when it happened. 

He’s still in the hospital, but told Channel 3 he is doing okay. 

First responders had to carry Shaffer nearly a quarter of a mile to the road Reynolds lives on.

It’s not the first time someone has been injured there. 

Hamilton County EMA officials said they had a handful of calls with injuries in that area over the last decade. 

“I know even my daughter had a friend that was injured down here,” recalled Reynolds. 

Reynolds wants people to know it’s extremely dangerous. 

“Folks just don’t realize how serious an injury can become because of the inaccessibility,” Reynolds said.

The property around the Cliffs is private, but TVA owns the actual cliffs, making them public.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: The teenager who was injured while cliff jumping in Hixson Monday has been identified.

Eighteen-year-old Cameron Shaffer tells Channel 3 that he is doing OK.

PREVIOUS STORY: A teenager was severely injured while cliff jumping in Hixson Monday evening.

It happened off Water View Lane in Hixson around 6:30 p.m.

Hamilton County EMS spokeswoman Amy Maxwell says the male teen fell about 40 feet while cliff jumping in the Hidden Harbor subdivision.

Maxwell says the teen has severe injuries but is not in critical condition.

Crews with the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Hamilton County EMS quickly saved the teen.

He has been taken to Erlanger.

EMS officials say cliff jumping is very dangerous and discourage anyone from doing it.

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