Quick-thinking police officers came up with a novel way to rescue a family of ducklings swimming to their doom in a drainage pipe: a duck calling app.

Officers played the app on their phone and lured the wayward ducklings back to safety where they were reunited with their mom.

Fourteen ducklings fell into a storm drain Sunday morning in Bay Shore near the Napa Auto Parts store on Aletta Place, Suffolk County police said. The ducklings' mother was waiting nearby.

Someone called 911.

Officers removed the grate and grabbed four of the downy chicks. But the others swam deeper into the tunnel.

Officer Steven Damico downloaded a duck calling app to his phone and played it. The ducklings responded to the sound and swam back into reach.

Police were able to grab nine more of the ducklings, but one was unswayed by the quacking app.

An emergency services officer arrived and retrieved the reluctant duckling with a net.

All of the ducks waddled off with their mom.