Deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office arrested a man early Sunday after he pulled a gun while deputies searched his vehicle.

According to the arrest affidavit, 35-year-old Israel Vences Ramirez was sleeping in his gold Ford Explorer Sporttrack in the emergency lane of Highway 27 north.

The deputy approached the vehicle and found Ramirez asleep with his foot on the brake, the door window partially open and the car in drive.

The affidavit explained there was an open bottle of alcohol in the center console and the deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle.

The deputy woke the driver and told him to put the car in park. Ramirez put his hand on the shifter but did not put the car in park. The deputy was able to stick his hand in the window and put the vehicle in park. Ramirez did comply when he was asked to turn the car off.

The deputy attempted to ask the driver questions but explained Ramirez appeared to be in a daze and non-coherent.

At this point, Ramirez began trying to reach for something in his seat. The deputy put Ramirez in handcuffs because he would not comply and keep his hands visible.

During a search, the deputy did not find anything in Ramirez seat but found a box of ammunition in the console.

Ramirez said he had a firearm in the car. He also said the gun was at his house.

The deputy placed Ramirez in the back of the gold Ford while he searched it. Ramirez began moving in the back seat. The deputy saw Ramirez was removing a pistol that he had in his clothes. He began pulling the gun up the right side of his body and looked up at another deputy on the scene.

The arresting deputy took the pistol and took Ramirez into custody. The pistol was found to have a round chambered.

Ramirez was taken to the Hamilton County Jail and faces charges of:

  • Driving on Revoked, Suspended or Cancelled License
  • DUI
  • Open Container Law
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Possession of Handgun while Under the Influence
  • Aggravated Assault

His bond is set at $83,000