A number of homeowners have a mess to clean up after storms moved through Thursday afternoon.

EPB crews were out earlier responding to downed trees and power lines in Red Bank, resulting in thousands of outages.

Chris Hackler lives on Tacoma Avenue. He was coming home from work when he saw a tree lying in the middle of the street.

“I wasn't expecting anything over here but got home and a huge branch fell across the road and apparently just happened and now there's no power,” said Hackler.

During the storm, a tree hit the power line where EPB crews were working. They had to call in a second crew to break down the tree before they could get back to fixing the power lines.

Hackler says he's used to this type of storm damage happening in his neighborhood.

EPB estimates there were more than 50,000 homes without power because of the storm.

More than half of the homes' power was saved using smart grid technology and the others had to be restored manually.

Hackler says he's glad minimal damage happened to his street compared to others. He says he's relieved the tree didn't land on his house.

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