TVA approved a new rate structure that may impact how much you pay for power.

Board members met for about four hours in Muscle Shoals, Alabama Thursday to discuss the new plan.

But what does it mean for TVA customers?

During the summer or winter months electric bills are usually higher. This change means you'll see a fixed rate all year long, but there's a lot of people who spoke up at the TVA board meeting who say they're concerned about bills increasing.

"TVA you want us to believe that you are putting residential customers first but you are not," said Memphis resident, Pearl Walker.

"Hiking fees on customers already struggling to pay their bill and feed their families is a human rights issue," said Elder Jimmie Garland, vice president of the Tennessee Conference of the NAACP.

For nearly two hours, TVA board members listened to Tennessee residents who say this new fee plan is a burden they can't afford.

"I oppose it. It's only going to make things harder," said Chattanooga resident, Barbara Kelly. "Small businesses and residents should not be bearing the weight of this rate increase."

TVA voted to move forward with the new grid access charge, which is expected to boost fixed cost charges for cities and power companies by about $30 a year per residential customer. TVA President and CE, Bill Johnson says customers won't see a big jump in their monthly power bill.

"For consumers monthly power bills across the region might vary slightly as local power companies reflect this change in their rates," said Johnson.

Johnson says it's up to those local power companies to decide whether they want to use TVA's rate structure.

"But if they do reflect them and they use our default rate the impact will be well under $30 a year not $30 a month."

We reached out to EPB. A spokesperson tells us EPB will not adopt the new rate structure.

Here's a statement from EPB's President and CEO David Wade:

"Although TVA is changing the way it bills EPB, the shift will not impact how we bill our customers."

TVA's new rate structure will officially go into effect on October 1st, but only for the cities and power companies that want to adopt the new rate structure.

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