A north Georgia assistant district attorney was arrested in Nashville Monday night, and charged with criminal trespassing and possession of a legend drug without a prescription.

David Kelley, who is a prosecutor in Catoosa County, got into an argument with a hotel security guard at the Omni Nashville Hotel when Kelley was seen smoking in the hotel, according to an affidavit from the Metropolitan Police Department.

That's when Kelley "flashed a police type badge" and refused to comply with requests from the security guard, before returning to his room.

Police were called, and Kelley reportedly told the officers "**** you, no one needs your help, go away."

After several attempts to communicate with Kelley, police said they he finally answered the door and but refused to leave the hotel and was "visibly intoxicated," according to the affidavit.

Police found three firearms in the room and a vial which contained a pill identified as Clonazepam, a prescription sedative that is a Class 4 controlled substance.

Kelley told police he had a prescription for the pill, but it's unclear if he produced one for the police.