We have good pictures, this week, of two men who took wallets and purses from cars parked downtown. We see them when they go to use the credit cards. Help identify them and earn honest cash.

When you see these pictures, someone will likely head into vacation season with a wad of free Crime Stoppers cash. An added bonus: we can all use this case as a reminder to lock it, hide it, or hold it so we don't become the next victims.

"This week we're talking about two suspects who broke in to several vehicles while those people were inside different businesses downtown," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

It was a Friday night in March and the victims were parked from Chestnut up toward campus. Some doors were locked, some were not. As Sgt. Miller said, all had a purse or wallet taken.

"Then, they went to Brainerd Road," he added, multiple locations on Brainerd Road, and used the credit cards. So, we're talking about auto burglary also about bank fraud."

We get our pictures from their shopping spree. As they go to use the stolen cards, we get a good look at them and their vehicle.

"You can see the suspects were driving a red Ford and both suspects are black males," said Miller. "And the pictures are great. You will be able to recognize them immediately if you know who they are."

We have up to a thousand dollars reward waiting if you can help identify one or both members of this duo. We can all also use this case as a lesson: when we park, as the new Chattanooga Police Department billboards remind us, 'lock it, hide it, or hold it.'

"If you have something that's valuable, take it with you," Miller said. "If you can't, try to hide it. A lot of the time, suspects will see that in your seat and then go to break into your vehicle. Or, if you leave your doors unlocked, they're going to check and see if it's unlocked to go inside the vehicle."

Chances are, if your wallet or purse is stolen, the bad guys like the ones we're seeking are going to try to use your credit or debt cards quickly, before you even know they are missing. The crooks are looking to buy things like gift cards they can turn into real money.

"If you find that you are a victim of an auto burglary," instructs Sgt. Miller, "immediately try to turn off your credit cards or debit cards. That would be one of the first things you want to do after you call police."

If you have a tip in this case, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

That line is manned 24-7-365 and we just want your information. We will never ask your name, not even if you earn that reward.