A college graduation party became violent over the weekend. Red Bank Police officers were called to “The Gallery” on Dayton Boulevard in response to what they are calling a riot Sunday morning. Four people, including students, were arrested for inciting the riot.

The Red Bank Police Department initially refused to release any details about what happened over the weekend, including arrest reports, citing an ongoing investigation. Channel 3 pushed for answers, and the chief now says the investigation is over. 

What was meant to be a night of celebration, quickly turned into chaos.

“Probably 15 police ended up coming. About, I don't know how many cars, at least 10 police cars,” Allen DeBerry explained.

According to Red Bank Police Chief Robert Simpson, the Chattanooga Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office assisted his officers, who were called to help security guards at the venue “The Gallery” off Dayton Boulevard.

Police said the graduation party got out of hand. Almost 200 people were asked to leave around 2:00 Sunday morning. “A few of the officers hopped out and started sprinting towards the incident.”

Police said the majority of the partygoers followed orders, but a handful did not.

Dewun Harper Jr., Niko Dabney, Roderick Allen DeBerry, and Tacara DeBerry were all arrested.

Allen DeBerry said he did nothing wrong and claims he followed police orders. He said officers got upset with him when he began recording what was happening.

“When he was pulling Mr. Harper down to the ground, I was like it’s okay, I got it. I got it. I'm getting it all on camera. Those were the things I was saying. If I was saying anything, I was saying I got it on camera, it's alright you're good,” Allen DeBerry explained

But police said DeBerry was asked multiple times to get off the property before being arrested. Police said the four people arrested threw bottles at the officers, provoked others to fight with police and some tried to help others escape custody by opening the back door of police cars.  Charges DeBerry denies.

“They got me on camera saying 'I am not going to resist arrest,'" DeBerry said. "And I am saying that calmly of course.”

The Red Bank Police Chief said he is not investigating any wrongdoing from his officers because none of these individuals have filed a complaint against his department.

The four people arrested are expected in court at the end of June.

Channel 3 spoke to a manager at The Gallery who said she believes things could have been held differently on both sides by both the police department and the students.