UPDATE: Six Chattanooga police officers are about to embark on the ride of their lives while remembering the lives lost. The officers and supporters hit the road in a multi-state bicycle ride in honor of fallen officers. They are joining a nationwide fundraiser called the ‘Law Enforcement United’s Road to Hope.’

This is the fifth year Lieutenant Heather Williams has cycled in the memorial bike ride to honor the heroes who died in the line of duty across the country and here at home.

"We’ve had officers that have died in the line of duty Officer Julie Jacks and Sgt. Tom Chapin so it's very important for me to honor those officers as well as all the other officers that died in the line of duty that year,” Lt. Williams said.

They'll do this on a 250 plus mile bike ride from Atlantic City, New Jersey to the National Mall in Washington D.C. to remember the fallen.

"All of us are riding for a particular officer that's going on the wall that year so we have a bracelet that we wear the entire time so you get to have some reflection time,” said Sgt. Justin Kilgore.

This year, the team broke a record and raised nearly $16,000 for organizations supporting families of fallen officers.

"We’re their blue family and we want to let them know they're not forgotten and their not left behind because they've lost a loved one and we want to make sure they're supported throughout the rest of their lives,” Lt. Williams said.

100% of the proceeds support police non-profits and camps for kids who lost a loved one.

"Those young kids need to have the opportunity to be around other young kids to get the counseling they need to know how to deal with that loss in their life,” Sgt. Kilgore said.   
250-miles is no easy feat but it's a call they’re happy to answer.

"It’s a humbling experience because along that route we have survivors that actually ride with us,” Lt. Williams said.

The team is expected to be in D.C. by Saturday. Their end point will be right outside of the Arlington National Cemetery.

They’re already planning for the next ride, to find out how to support visit Law Enforcement United - Team Chattanooga website and to read more about this year's fallen officer’s visit the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP).

Six Chattanooga police officers are getting ready to leave for a multi-state bike ride in honor of fallen officers.

They are joining a nationwide fundraiser called the "Law Enforcement United's Road to Hope."

The annual ride honors all law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty and remembers the survivors left behind. This year, the team has raised nearly $16,000 for the organization.

Chattanooga police officers along with more than 550 officers from around the country will ride from Atlantic City, New Jersey to the national mall in Washington D.C. 

The 250 plus mile journey is expected to take two-and-a-half days. 

The team's travels throughout the trek will be updated on CPD's Facebook page on a regular basis throughout the week.